Patron Saint Sterling Silver Medals - H

All Sterling Silver Medals are gift boxed as shown and are available in 2 sizes:
Medium (7/8 inch medal on an 18 inch clasped chain.) and Large (1-1/8 inch medal on a 24 inch endless chain.)
The Medals size is determined by measureing from the top of loop to the bottom of medal. Sterling Silver medals come with an stainless steel. Gold Filled medals come with a gold plated chain.

The medium medals are ideal for Baptisms and First Holy Communions and adult women. The large medals are ideal for Confirmations and adult men or women.
Select from Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, or 14K Gold (Chain not included with 14K Gold medals.) Pricing is as follows:
  Medium Sterling Silver
Large Sterling Silver
Medium Gold Filled
Large Gold Filled
Medium 14k Gold Approx.
Large 14K Gold Approx.

Engraving: These medals can be engraved on the back. A large medal can be engraved with up to four lines with approximately sixteen(16) characters and spaces per line. A medium medal can be engraved with up to three lines with approximately twelve(12) characters and spaces per line. Select engraving below. Text box will appear in shopping cart after item is added to cart. Medals on sale cannot be engraved.

Select size and composition from drop down menu below.

*Prices for 14K are always fluctuating due to the volatility of the gold market. If you order a 14K medal, we will email you with the current price for the medal, so you can make your final decision. We will not charge your credit card until you approve.

Saint Hannibal Patron Saint Medal by Bliss

Memorial: Jun 1. Patron of Orphanages/Seminarians

$46.50 BLS:8327* Quantity: Select size and metal type:

Saint Helen Patron Saint Medal by Bliss

Memorial: Aug 18. Also known as Saint Helena, she converted to Christianity later in life. Her husband divorced her to pursue a political relationship, and she was left to care for her son, Constantine the Great, who would later legalize Christianity. She devoted herself to the Faith and became the patroness of archaeologists because she unearthed the True Cross.

$46.50 BLS:8043* Quantity: Select size and metal type:

Saint Henry Medal by Bliss

Memorial: July 13. In 1014, Henry was crowned Holy Roman Emperor. He tried to store peace in Europe, and succeeded in Germany. He married Saint Cunegunda but never had children, hence his patronage of the childless.

$46.50 BLS:8046* Quantity: Select size and metal type:

Saint Hildegard Patron Saint Medal by Bliss

Memorial: Sept 17. Hildegard is not officially canonized (she is beatified) but is referred to as a saint by many. She wrote of theology and was consulted by kings and popes in a time when such a thing was not expected of women.

$46.50 BLS:8260* Quantity: Select size and metal type:

Saint Hubert Medal by Bliss

Memorial: Nov 3. Hubert was a fervent hunter, he once encountered a stag and saw a vision of a crucifix in its antlers. He converted to Christianity and studied to become a prieSaint after the death of his wife.

$46.50 BLS:8045* Quantity: Select size and metal type:

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Patron Saint Sterling Silver Medals - H

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